meta-blogging: april is coming

And it is indeed the cruelest month. National Poetry Month 2011, here we come! A few notes that I would like to mention…

Please have a look at this image!

This is to indicate my intended participation in the Big Poetry Giveaway for April 2011, created by Kelli Russell Agodon… while I would love to have a book of my own to give away, I am instead settling for two volumes which have brought me much introspection and joy: Carol Ann Duffy’s “Selling Manhattan”, and John Ashbery’s “Girls on the Run”. Guys: seriously, Duffy and Ashbery are two of the best poets out there, in my opinion. Duffy is currently the Poet Laureate of the UK; they’re both LGBT individuals too, which I find rather cool. And these two books (to be fair, Ashbery bills his as a single poem, but it’s in multiple parts) are exceptional offerings by them… I hope you’ll adore them as much as I do! My plan is to give them away to the two people on the list whose work touches me the most in the month of April, as often as I get a chance to read it.

Which leads me to my next little announcement, I may be a bit scarce for a bit. On top of finishing my degree interrupting my poetizing, my laptop (which, let’s face it, is my lifeline to the world) crapped out and will not charge. As far as I can tell, it’s still fine, but it has no battery life, and so if I can’t get the jack fixed, it is time to invest in a new laptop. (Having this happen while writing a major research thesis and gearing up for poem-a-day challenges = worst possible timing ever.) Right now I’m blogging from my dinosaur PC that has been faithful for a long time. I hope the ol’ girl can hang in there a while longer with this newfangled Internet. She has very satisfying clunky keyboard keys.

As for poems themselves, there are two challenges going on: the Poetic Asides challenge as always (which, since it got me started on poetry two years ago, I feel I have to take part in), and the Big Tent prompts, which I will endeavor to keep up with as much as possible. I will also try to keep up with the usual weekly prompts, do the blog rounds, respond to comments, and include other poetic mishmash as much as I can. No promises, though. I very well might undo my brain by the end of this… the book is coming though. My goal is to have it at least mostly complete by the end of April. We’ll see what happens.

I suppose that’s all for now… better get to sleep, as the computer store opens bright and early, and I must be ready to take the lappy over. Two more days until the mayhem begins!

27 thoughts on “meta-blogging: april is coming

  1. Juliet Cook says:

    Hello there Joseph.

    I am posting this email here because I accidentally deleted too large a portion of my past email recently and thus lost your email address, but wanted to let you know that Thirteen Myna Birds was updated today and now includes another new piece of yours.

    Best, Juliet Cook

  2. pamela says:

    Joseph, sorry to hear about the computer problems, is it your power supply? If so, that can be expensive, I know. Might as well buy a new one.
    I would like to be considered for the poetry giveaway, though I am not so sure about how my poems touch anyone:)


  3. I would like to be entered.

  4. Dhyan says:

    as always you mange to bring out something different.
    I love it.
    Perhaps you will share with us the best of the month you run into.
    (hope both of your world-connections keep up with the task ;) )

  5. Ev says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks!
    evfhanna at gmail

  6. Love your choices! Enter me please.

    risaden [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. Please add me to your contest. You can contact me by posting on or entering my contest on my blog, address above,or you can contact me on Facebook: Opw Fredericks.

  8. renkath says:

    Hi Joesph, Please add my name to your list for the giveaway. (I am giving away, too)… and good luck on finishing up your degree…

  9. Best of luck with your computer woes (and to finishing your degree, which I’m doing as well). Please count me in for the giveaway, and thank you so much for doing this!

  10. Would love to be a part of this drawing! I’ve got a giveaway going at my blog, too!

  11. deborah says:

    I’d like to throw my name in the virtual hat.

    Please feel welcome to enter my giveaway:

    deborah at 32 poems dot com

  12. Nancy Lili says:

    Hi, I would love to be considered for your poetry giveaway! I’m Nancy Lili and am a striving poet like yourself– more about me at my own blog, The Monster’s Flashlight

    I should be doing a giveaway as well, but I’m still debating on which books are newish enough to give– I have a tendency of scrawling my love all over books.

    Thanks for participating in this!

  13. A note to everyone: you are all in the running! If you didn’t provide an email, please consider doing so (mine is linksfreude at gmail, if you’d rather not leave it in a comment). And if not, just don’t let your blog or whatnot get deleted before May 1st, so I can find you. :)

    (Except for Juliet Cook, to whom I say, thanks for the heads-up!, and you’re in the running too if you want to be, but if not, no presh, it’s okay, I’m out of commas.)

  14. Hi Joseph: I love Ashbery’s work and have not read this one. Please add my name to the drawing.


  15. nandinidh says:

    Please count me in! Thanks!

  16. Mary Virginia Cooley says:

    I’d love to get in on the giveaway – my name is Mary Virginia Cooley and my email address is mcooley(at)! Happy National Poetry Month!

  17. […] R. Naming Constellations: Joseph Harker […]

  18. Michael, nandinidh, Mary… added!

  19. Thanks for adding me to your drawing – very generous!

  20. Danka says:

    Please add me too! Thanks,

  21. is my poetry and performance blog.

    I want to be a winner!

    russell.evatt (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. ace mulvahil says:

    want to participate in the Poetry Giveaway- hope i win the wonderful books!Ace

  23. Please include me Joseph.

    And come by my blog and sign up for my giveaway.

  24. Despite there only being a few hours remaining in the contest, my desire to win either of these books is high. I just thought it would be polite to voluntarily sign up last so as to keep anyone else from feeling bad about being the very last entrant.

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