The Fix

Another long day… I don’t know how I’ll make it to the weekend, but I am going to try, by gum. Here’s my offering for the Poetic Asides prompt of an “escape” poem, considering I wrote at work immediately after fleeing to Starbucks for a hot minute. I think I need escapes that are less costly and less addictive. And it’s a rondeau, which is a rare thing for me; escape from the usual forms!

The Fix

More coffee, please, I ask politely:
don’t take my drug withdrawal too lightly.
I’ll start to chew the scenery,
disrupt this quiet beanery.
They’ll ask: is he deranged? I might be.

For mornings that start out so brightly
all seem to collapse around me nightly.
I cling to my caffeinery:
more coffee, please.

It helps survive the office, slightly
lifts up my step. I call it (rightly)
my lifeblood, my machinery.
Keep all your booze and venery:
give me cafes to keep me sprightly.
More coffee, please.

6 thoughts on “The Fix

  1. Shucks, I’m not allowed caffeine!

  2. julespaige says:

    I know your one of your female counter parts… A relative. Must have at least two cups to start the day :)

  3. Viv: I probably shouldn’t be having it either, but it’s my one major vice. Oy!
    Jules: usually I can manage with just a couple shots of espresso/two cups. And I usually don’t have it in the evening; that’s when the Red Bull comes out. ;)

  4. b_y says:

    Sounds like you’re on the mend.

    I do like the bitter brew. Black, strong, smooth, and not sweet. Give me coffee, and give me dark chocolate, and I will be one happy old fiend. (of course, if I have either after mid-afternoon, forget sleep)

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