meta-blogging: poetry giveaway!

Another year, another NaPoWriMo. I’m hoping this will be an impetus for me to post more, write more, read more, and do more in April. As part of this push (push!), I am participating in Kelli Russell Agodon‘s excellent yearly book exchange contest, giving away two books of poems to some lucky person!

In order to participate, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your name and an email address (so I’m able to get in touch with you on May 1st or whenever it is I make the pick). You can do this any time in April, but please leave a comment earlier in the month than later if possible. You can also ask for one or the other book in particular, if you already have one of them. And the two books that will be given away are…!

Greeks Bearing Gifts, by moi. I assure you this is not shameless self-promotion! Part of the idea of the giveaway is to give away one of your own as well as one of your favorites. So, if you’ve wanted a copy of this but didn’t have the inclination to buy it yet, this is your chance to avoid the whole online-shopping-and-shipping thing. On top of that, I will sign it for you, if you’re into that. The link on the sidebar will lead to the Lulu page, where you can preview the book and read about its creation; the poems are all Greek-myth-inspired modernization-type pieces. I’m rather proud of it, and I hope that you’ll enjoy it too. :)  And if not, there’s always…

Underlife, by January Gill O’Neill. She blogs at Poet Mom, and writes excellent stuff that is my go-to for a rainy day when there’s not much going on and I need some poetry. I got a copy of this book in April 2010 for a review through ReadWritePoem, which you can read here. Two years later, I think I’m really realizing how much influence this book (through several re-readings over that time) has had on my idea of the kind of poet I want to be. It’s a diverse, powerful, relatable, and nuanced book that you would do well to possess. I’m reluctant to part with it, but I hope it will have as much impact on someone else too.

So that’s the long and short of it. Leave your comment, and gear up: as the Starks* don’t say, “April is coming…!”

(* Game of Thrones premiere also starts tomorrow; you can tell it’s on my mind.)

30 thoughts on “meta-blogging: poetry giveaway!

  1. margo roby says:

    Write more? Wretch.
    Put my name down, please. I do have your book, but can always give another copy to a deserving soul. I am happy with either.

  2. b_y says:

    Me, too! Me, too!
    *holding hand out in coaxing gesture* here, bookie bookie…nice book, come to: (briarcat
    As for “Thrones”…Not today

  3. vivinfrance says:

    Ooohhh! Yes please. I don’t have a published book to offer in exchange, so perhaps I’m disqualified before I start…

  4. JulesPaige says:

    As I have read neither, either would be a treat. If it’s yours… Oh do sign it. I’ve got a booklet, not professionally put together that I can trade you for… If you’d like. Signed too, if you’d like…

  5. i’d love to read either of these! and i’m doing a giveaway as well~

  6. dockstone says:

    Mary Dockery
    dockstone82 AT gmail DOT com

  7. katrina says:

    I’d love to be included! thanks ~ katrina

  8. Allyson says:

    Pleased to meet you, Joseph!

    Allyson Whipple

  9. Lisa says:

    All the books you are giving away sound great, and I would love to read more poetry before I start my MFA. Thanks so much for doing this!
    Lisa McMurtray

  10. whimsygizmo says:

    Me! Me! Your book, which would give me two chances to win. (Beggin’ for it over at Margo’s, too.)
    Thank you!
    de jackson

  11. Frank Rutledge says:

    Please include me. I discovered your poetry over at Poetic Asides. Now I am a great fan of your writing and visit “naming constellations” daily. I’m unsure as to how this works but I do have two chapbooks of poetry to offer. “Clothed In August Skin” and “Folklore of Twilight, Illinois.”

    Frank Rutldge

  12. Sign me up, Joseph, please! I am signed up over at Margo’s as well.


  13. Theresa says:

    Happy National Poetry Month, Joseph. It’s great to meet you. I’d definitely be interested in your book – it sounds amazing. Thank you for the opportunity! Sincerely, Theresa (theresamacnaughtonatgmaildotcom)

  14. Would love to enter! I am having a free giveaway at my blog as well!

  15. Joseph- Please add my name to the drawing. What could be better than poetry books?!

  16. maxiesteer says:

    Thanks for being so generous! I have been eyeing both books so being chosen would be awesome.
    maxiesteer @gmail. com

  17. kweyant says:

    Please include me! Also, stop by my blog!

    Karen Weyant

  18. Ronald Lewis says:

    Joseph: Please sign me in for a chance of winning one of your books through this year’s Big Poetry Giveaway. If I’m lucky enough to win either yours or January’s book (what will you ever do without her book?), I will promise you I’ll read and review it for my popular, monthly online newsletter, which is read by many of this state’s serious poets.

    Thank you!

    Ronald Lewis
    Vermont Poetry Newsletter
    & Poetry Event Calendar

  19. katrina says:

    I’d love to be included! Thanks!

  20. Deb Scott says:

    Please put my name in the hat.
    Deb Scott

    Thanks, Joseph!

  21. Cati Porter says:

    Please throw my name into the hat, too!

    And over my blog I am also giving books away:

    email: Cati_Porter (at) Yahoo (dot) com

  22. jublke says:

    I have loved your work since I stumbled into your poetry over at Poetic Asides, so a signed copy of your book would be awesome! Thanks for participating.

  23. Thanks for doing this!

    Andrew Ty
    eldritch00 at gmail dot com

  24. Please, count me in, Joseph! I’ll be happy with either one, both books sound great. (However, a book by Joseph Harker signed by the author sounds even better!) Thank you for doing this,

  25. Please enter me into this!
    Claudine Moreau

  26. Shawnte says:

    In the nick of time…

  27. J. says:

    Happy Poetry Month!

    Justin Carter

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