meta-blogging: curio numero seven-o

I find myself posting these more and more often on Sunday nights, rushing to get them out before the weekend ends and I really don’t have time. So, Curio issue seven is now live at this tail end of the day… you can check it out at the usual spot, We’re excited about this one because we’re turning over a few new leaves: some prose poetry, some selections from extended works, some ekphrastic poetry, and our first-ever straight-up photography submission. Methinks that Tessa and I will need to re-vamp some of the guidelines and information in the near future, as we continue to grow and change the shoot into a sapling.

Anyway, there is fine work over there by Erin Dorney, Ivo Drury, Neil Ellman, Allen Finn, Howie Good, Paul Handley, De Jackson, Sonja Kosler, Catherine Lee, George Moore, Amy Pajewski, and Elizabeth Akin Stelling, so get on to Curio and check out the page!

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