Reverie Twenty-five and a half: up the garden path

What’s this? A bonus Reverie?

I had very curious dreams last night which I won’t share all the details of here, but I will say that the last one ended with me attending a very libertine kind of soirée. At one point, to gain admittance to the next chamber, one had to write a poem centering on a long branch bursting with leaves and flowers. Not only that, but the poem had to be abecedarian, with each line starting with a successive letter of the alphabet. My trick was that I was going to write each short line on the underside of a leaf, which I was sure what intrigue and impress the party throwers, and get me in. But like Coleridge, my alarm to get up for work dragged me into consciousness after I’d only gotten two lines in. Bummer.

(Also, my subconscious is now apparently poem-prompting me. Oy.)

But anyway, the lines I got were: A garden / begins with… So rather than just save this story as a curiosity, I thought I’d toss it into the blogosphere. Start a poem with the two-word line “A garden“, and the second line “begins with” followed by whatever you want. Third line should start with C, fourth with D, etc.; and the whole thing should be somehow garden-themed. Consider this a mini-challenge to celebrate the midpoint of the year; it’s all downhill from here.

12 thoughts on “Reverie Twenty-five and a half: up the garden path

  1. A garden
    Begins with
    Cracked soil
    Dead leaves
    Ethereal reminders of the
    Gardens of the past. That’s
    It begins.
    Just when you think you
    Know it all
    Life triumphs
    Morbid thoughts reduced to
    Only love
    Till the
    Universe in its
    Vastness, a
    Wondrous garden, today and
    X number of days from today, fulfills
    Your everlasting, all consuming
    Zest for life

  2. barbara_ says:

    You know that noise Charlie Brown makes? The football word?

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  5. carolisle says:

    Can’t wait to try Maybe I will use abcediran with the challenge I put out of writing to the picture of a bed in a garden for Wednesday Wonders.

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  7. vivinfrance says:

    Late on parade. I wrote this straightaway, but forgot to post it! It was Margo Roby’s prompt for a list poem that reminded me.

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  10. whimsygizmo says:

    I loved this. Thank you!

    Garden Path

    A garden
    begins with
    cloaked words planted
    deep, seeded promises sunk
    end to end, feigning sleep in
    fallow ground; sunlight found
    golden on petaled skin. Be,
    hold these lush and leafy thoughts with-
    in, breathe them out for
    just the moment it takes to
    keep them beating. Some fleeting
    lullaby of bartered breeze and
    misty murmured rain
    nestle nudges your tired brain stem,
    open long enough for bud and bloom to
    plow their long and
    quiet trenches. Drenched in
    rose water, lavender violet
    sunset smile, these willowed wishes
    tangle and twine
    under thundered crimson
    vines, hold hallowed counsel
    with morning glories and nightingale,
    xeric tongues quenched loose;
    yawn and stretch and sigh and then,

    Also here:

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