Fun news! Swoon Bildos, whose work with video-poetry you might be familiar with, emailed to let me know that his interpretation of my poem “Odds and Ends” has been accepted as one of the top ten entries in the Canadian VidLit Contest thing. You ought to go check out these works, and while you’re at it, maybe vote for it to advance to the final round?

Meanwhile, Donna asks us to write about a holiday we normally spend with others, and to think about how we’d spend it by ourselves. I ended up doing a much more stripped-down poem than I thought I was going to, about New Year’s. For the record, I don’t actually want to spend New Year’s (or any holiday, really) by myself, but it’s a curious thought.


One of these years, I am going to take
a vow of seclusion. Three hundred and sixty-five

monastic nights at the kitchen table,
digging pencil lead into paper under the yellow light.

An open bottle of champagne going flat,
the pots in the cupboards remaining unrung.

Midnights will come and go. One of these years,
I’m going to be the first one awake to see

robins on the birch tree out back, and spiders
playing hockey with scraps of dew. I keep

suspecting some mystery of the universe
is getting lost in the confetti and the noisemakers,

or squashed flat by a frosted January kiss. One day,
I plan to find it: maybe next year, or maybe

the one after that.

5 thoughts on “Resolution

  1. I like the spider image! Swoon does very cool work – I enjoyed the two pieces I worked on with him.

  2. Just watched “Odds and Ends.” You’ve got a great voice, Joseph. Loved the words. Was mesmerized by the picture. Did you get to choose the documentary on which the video’s based? Anyway, I think it was a perfect choice for your words. Voted for you, of course. Good luck, hope you win.

  3. margo roby says:

    Voting done. What fun to watch and hear; even more so, as it was you, whom we know.

  4. This poem made me smile. …and congratulations!

  5. Dhyan says:

    i have to open saying i think the end here was weaker than the rest of the poem.
    I really like this one, so many vivid images creating a clear view of a landscape.

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