Mount Greylock

Was anyone else having problems with WordPress yesterday? It just did not want to work on my compy. Very odd.

The inspirational juices are running pretty low this week… work has been kicking my post-vacation behind. But I managed to get this one out there, which is doing semi-double duty for Margo’s prompt about looking at things with a different perspective (okay, I’m really fudging on that one), and WWP’s prompt about using colors. Really, I just wanted to write this poem, and that’s a heartening feeling.

Mount Greylock

Tumbling round the bend is the first
suggestion of autumn: when small leaves put on
pale jewelry and everything grows wet
with possibility.
Every haystack is a phoenix nest and
every precipice is a triumph of faith.
One prow of cloud emerges
between two of the mountain’s hundred
furrowed brows; it bears a memory of blue
dripping with deepness. And
occasionally a car rouses a seedy
storm of amaranth grains.
And when
two omens without a shape collide, well,
for every action– there is a peal of thunder,
a sudden frisson of falling-chandelier-rain,
treasure, soaked through, appearing,
spilling its yolk
upon the dirty canvas sky. And we sing for
the passage of time. And we applaud the curtain
coming down on yet another
fine performance.

9 thoughts on “Mount Greylock

  1. margo roby says:

    Mine was fine and I worked on it during different parts of the day, Joseph. Might be your computer, but if WordPress is sliding in new stuff, that can affect us [I know, it didn’t affect me. What can I say?].

    ‘Really, I just wanted to write this poem, and that’s a heartening feeling.’
    Really, that’s all I ever want when I put the prompts up.

    Do what teachers do: live towards the next holiday.

  2. Kurt says:

    This is a great piece!

  3. Annette says:

    I do believe that Margo gave us permission to play and that you did. I love the play of words, the color, the collisions. You needed to write, and that’s the important thing.

  4. barbara_ says:

    I’d say you already know how to write per the suggestion, and if the ideas sent you here: so be it, and I’m glad to see this mellow joy. (bit worried about the haystacks going up on flames, though)

    We changed ISP recently, and it is not playing well with my new laptop. WP is very slow to load, almost as bad as a Facebook game (sigh). Their new mobile app is speedy, though. Wonder if…

  5. “falling-chandelier-rain” — BRILLIANT. Loved the poem. I was just sitting down to draft something about that Autumn feeling as well. I guess we’re all looking forward to change.

  6. Yousei Hime says:

    Ah…you’ve captured my favorite northern fall–colors in the rain. Completely absent where I am now. I’ll miss them terribly, I know. I love how the colors, water and movement drip down through the poem. I haven’t had a decent thunderstorm yet either. Call me weird, but I miss them too.

  7. Margo: I figured it out, my computer at work didn’t have some kind of proper update. And I live towards the evening, that’s always my goal.
    Kurt: thanks!
    Annette: honestly, when permission to play is not explicitly mentioned, I usually just assume it anyway. ;)
    Barbara: maybe we’re all just spoiled with high-speed Internet these days. Anyway, it didn’t stop me from a bit of Greylock goodness.
    Val: I was pretty happy with that too. Something tells me it’s been used elsewhere, but I haven’t before, so I’m sticking with it.
    Yousei: oh, I totally understand. First Thunder is just as important a holiday to me as Christmas (and First Snow as well). As chilly as the summer-autumn transition rains can be, they’re absolutely beautiful.

  8. Irene says:

    when small leaves put on
    pale jewelry and everything grows wet
    with possibility.

    Very autumnal and beautiful.

    But really, every line is beautiful.

    I’m going to skip autumn and go straight to winter.

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