Two Short Poems

After writing about haiku for the Reverie earlier, I was rather taken with Donna’s prompt about doing run-on, objective titles with short, evocative poems; it’s sort of like haiku, in a way. You take two items and place them against each other to create something more than the sum of their parts. The second one is in light of the shooting we had in New York yesterday, which happened unsettlingly close to where I work.

I think that after a week of everything gelling together, I’m about ready to write about Nicholas. This is my last distraction.

Today’s Report: The Country Continues to Decline in the World Education Rankings, Dropping Below the Top 20

The box said “FREE BOOKS” until
the cardboard began to dissolve
in the rain.

The Moral Imperative Not to Kill is One that Must Be Obeyed at All Costs, Despite One’s Rejection of Its Philosophical Underpinnings for the Sake of Revenge,

the chalk outline.

3 thoughts on “Two Short Poems

  1. margo roby says:

    reminds me of haibun.

  2. Dhyan says:

    very clever Joseph…

  3. Margo: another form that I have to get around to practicing one of these days. Someone needs to lock me in a room with nothing but poetry one weekend.
    Guy: glad you liked it!

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