Monday Matins

I should have known that it was going to be one of Those Weeks. My boss is on vacation, so I have to manage his projects (three) in addition to the ones I had to “adopt” permanently (three more), plus the ones I was already working on (six) and the new ones that came in this week (four)… I tell you, juggling sixteen projects with hundreds of pieces is not fun. Especially with a sinus infection. Ugh.

But I managed to get a lot done on the offline writing stuff… I’m nearly done one of the long-form poems, and should have it finished this week. (Then it’s time for editing!) It’s my own little Waste Land, I guess: densely packed with allusions and imagery and crap. If anyone wants to take a peek at it with an editorial eye, I might be ready to release it… Also, I’ve been trying to get a few submissions out. Hoping to catch up on some of that this weekend, with all the scraps of time I can scrounge.

For now, this is for Donna’s prompt, writing about a routine with a loved one that ends with an epiphany. I turned it over in my head all week, and then this just crashed on in this evening. I was thinking about the Fellow, and how what has seemed like just a nice gesture before can be read as something more meaningful. Anyway, it’s cute when he does things like that. ^_^  (Not entirely sure why I picked “Matins”, though. Wouldn’t “Mornings” have worked just as well?)

Monday Matins

You wake me with a careful tongue
snaked around the dawnless spaces. This will be
the dark-dewed cherry that rings my hours in
and gets me through the day. I’ve never been

the nine-to-five type; but here I am,
planning battles for the weekday method,
missing our doubled heat. We shower, dress,
brush our teeth. We do all the usual things.

And somewhere between two long blinks
you find time to pull the covers up, turn pillows,
smooth our dreams out of the sheets.
I don’t know why it keeps surprising me; but

it always begs a peppermint kiss. Of course
you’d have it anyway: but half-awake,
I notice the small things, how we’ve already
pluralized, how what’s mine is yours, is ours.

5 thoughts on “Monday Matins

  1. Dhyan says:

    how we’ve already

    isn’t it a nice feeling?

  2. “smooth our dreams out of the sheets,” what a nice way to describe a simple domestic task… and this, too, speaks to your oneness. Wish I could meet The Fellow… he must be brill to get the likes of you, Joseph.

    As for the editing, I am a professional copy editor and would be glad to take a look for free. Would only make corrections which you could then accept or reject. I can do Word 97-2000 or a docx, either is fine. The price is a copy of the book, signed by you!! Love, Amy

  3. Amy told me that I would love this piece–and I do–on so many levels–the sense of everyday tasks–the deep sense of intimacy–Just a gorgeous write

  4. brian miller says:

    ha you might as well have penned me…the 9-5 again is killing me a bit…making me use old muscles…love the intimacy in the opening as well it def gets me through the day…smiles….def like the intimacy…

  5. Guy: it definitely is ^_^
    Amy: I will take you up on that, if you don’t mind. I can’t look at it for a week; but I can bring myself to type it, and send it, and then not hear about it for a few days.
    Audrey: glad that you enjoyed it!
    Brian: the intimacy is the only thing that gets me through… you know, there are people that not only live the 9-to-5 life, but thrive in it? Yikes.

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