meta-blogging: jolts of life

Just a quick Monday morning post to tell everyone they should go check out Curio Poetry, which is now, at long last, back in action. Tessa and I have made concerted efforts to kickstart it again, and we’ll keep at it so that Issue 9 will be released as expected in November, and to respond to all the emails we still have to answer. For now, go check out the new pieces by thirteen poets: Nina Bennett, Byron Beynon, Stephanie Bradbury, Marilyn Braendeholm, Ivo Drury, Carol Lynn Grellas, Linda Hatton, Linda Hofke, B.T. Joy, Richard Luftig, Corey Mesler, Jermaine Simpson, and Elsa Louise von Schreiber. Awesome!

And also, it’s not too late to jump in for Khara House‘s Submit-o-Rama challenge. It’s a great impetus for getting yourself to submit work after saying you’re going to for months and then not doing it. (I’m behind on submissions, but as I’m doing the alphabet challenge, I’ve taken care of Q, X, Y, and Z, so hopefully the other letters will be easier to wrangle and catch up.) Clear out some of the cobwebs now to make room for any writing challenges you might be doing in November; I know there are a couple poetry ones, but of course NaNoWriMo is the Sword of Damocles hanging over anyone who straddles the poetry/prose line.

On Saturday (after posting the Reverie) I was brazen enough to stand up and read two poems. I think they went over well; at least, I hope they did. The moderator noted that better than hearing someone say a poem was “nice”, what you want from a reading audience is a nonverbal grunt of assent, and the first one I read got one. (The second one got applause. Hooray!) Readings still make me nervous, because I do them so infrequently, but I’m trying to get over it… in any case, while we’re talking about jolts of life to the poetic self, it certainly helps. The weather is getting downright frigid, and it’s good to have these soul-warming pursuits in the meantime. Of course, I won’t be turning down any mugs of cider either.

Write on! Another week, another whirlwind.

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