Koan with a Minnow

Like Marian commented, I’m pretty poemed out this evening, too… after getting back from the dinner party (and doing the #poetparty on Twitter in the meanwhile), I am exhausted and looking forward to sleep. Less looking forward to work tomorrow. But I scribbled this one for NaPoWriMo, because I don’t want today to have been a total loss… I suppose I should’ve gotten up earlier, as laundry and food shopping and cookie baking ate up all my free time. Anyway, the prompt was to write a poem where each line is a declarative sentence, followed by a question in the last line. Naturally I decided to do a semi-koan (Zen thought-provoker) (and I say semi- because I am not by any means a Zenmaster) with a minnow in it. I’ll tell you the answer I have in mind, if you really want to know!

There are some pretty awesome Day 7 prompts around, I’ll have to try and come back tomorrow to crank some out. Here’s hoping for a slow day at work…

Koan with a Minnow

Listen: there are two thirsty men by a river.

One lowers a jar into the rushing current.
A minnow swims into the mouth and is lifted up.
The man says to his friend, see that minnow!
We shall use him to catch carp tonight.

His friend says, you ought to release him.
The smallest things are the ones with power.
A minnow flashes silver in the water.
The eye and the carp are distracted alike.

The first man does not understand.
But he releases the minnow, who hurries away.
The second man says, now, you see.
Even a thread of words can save many lives.

Now: who drank the water?

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