Three Magnolia Tanka

After the long mess of a day at work, I carried on to the yoga studio to do my shift, cleaning and things. Pretty exhausted by this point, and probably about to hit the hay, but I didn’t want to pass up the tanka-writing challenge set by NaPoWriMo, particularly as I’ve been noticing the magnolias lately, ready to burst in bloom. Bury me under a magnolia when my time comes. So, this is three tanka for those marvelous trees. (Although, they are pushing the envelope of what I consider best practices for writing tanka/haiku/other waka forms. Mea culpa.) Maybe I’ll manage one more before I pass out…

Three Magnolia Tanka

What is the sentence
spelled by the magnolia branch,
each bud a comma?
Your hand, the full stop, tugs it:
you cannot tell me either.

A coin thrown on earth
does not ring like fountain-coins
tossed in the water;
I will continue to wish
into the magnolia’s dirt.

In your hair you wore
the purple-kissed magnolia
until it went brown.
Now, it’s so awful to walk
these tree-lined streets in April.

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