a whisper in water

This is mostly for me, but you’re welcome to have a look as well. Places where I have been published, in print and online, with links to be added when links are to be had:

13 Myna Birds: “Jimsonweed”, “Sendings”, and “Violator,” (March 2011); “Ghazal of the Pheromones” (April 2011); “Demolition, March 2011”, “Homunculus”, “Maidenhair”, “Versatile” (July 2011); “Midnight in the Garden of Oncology” (November 2011)
A Handful of Stones
: various submissions (2010, 2011)
A River of Stones collection
: two small stones (March 2011)
: “Amsterdam”, “Bismillah”, “Boy. Fifty Dollars.”, “Ehab (The Stripper’s Tale)”, “Metro Boys”, “Mother Lilith”, “Queer”, “Reptile”, “Sonnet for Zachary”, “Tasting”, “Why We Can’t Get Married Yet” (Issue #4, October 2011)
Autumn Sky Poetry
: “Madison Square Tableau” (Issue #22, October 2011)
Barefoot Muse
: “The Graverobber’s Song” (Issue #10, Spring 2010)
Bolts of Silk
: “…Until It’s Gone” (January 2010), “Crazy Crow” (February 2011), “Morning in the Churchyard”  (July 2011), “A Tiger in Autumn” (forthcoming)
Chantarelle’s Notebook
: “Lunch with Basho” (Issue #19, February 2010); “At Any Moment” (Issue #22, January 2011); “Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)”, “Rock Candy”, “Stove Top Dream”, “The Lunar Eclipse” (Issue #24, July 2011), “Aesthetics” (Issue #26, January 2012)
Chantarelle’s Notebook featured poet: “Bismillah”, “Game of Go”, “Halcyon”, “Leaps of Faith”, “The Sounding Line” (April 2010)
Clapboard House: “Foxhall Road Murders”, “Notre Dame in Spring”, “Second Draft” (Issue XI, Winter 2011/Spring 2012)
Fag/Hag: “Heteroflexible”, “Surrogates”* (Summer 2010)
: “Boy Waving Flag”, “Dmitri (The Rake’s Tale)”, “Game of Go”, “Necessities”, “Sticks and Stones”, “This Secretary I Knew” (Issue #7, Spring 2010)
Ganymede Unfinished:
“Four Haiku: the Parade”, “Roberto (The Superstar’s Tale)” (Fall 2010)
Goblin Fruit
: “The Magician, Reversed” (Fall 2011)
Hobble Creek
: “Mosca Uruguaya”, “The Flooding of Burlington County” (January 2012)
: “Sprawled”, “Symbiosis” (Issue #7, February 2010); “Malocclusion”, “The C Word” (Issue #22, May 2011); “Metaphor Seeks Simile” (Issue #26, September 2011)
: “Abracadabra” (Words of Power Issue, Winter 2009)
Qarrtsiluni: “Homeopathy for the Nation” (Health Issue, Spring 2010)
Qarrtsiluni: “Odds and Ends” (Worship Issue, Fall 2011)
Qarrtsiluni: “New York Bridges” (Imitation Issue, Spring 2012)
ReadWritePoem Anthology: “Luddites” (September 2010)
TUCK: “Dive” and “Stone Fruit” (Issue #2, December 2011)
Up and Under: “Saffron” (Issue #5, March 2010); “Open Letter to the Cockroaches by the Stove” (Issue #6, March 2011)
Vox Poetica: “Zubaidah” (March 2010) and “Small Miracles” (part of Contributor Series 8: Feast or Famine, April 2011)
Whale Sound: “The Sounding Line” (read February 2011 by Nic Sebastian)

* Nominated for Pushcart Prize, 2010
* Poetic Asides Poet Laureate, 2011

To be updated, if fortune is with me.

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