Temporary Closure?

Hey all,

I’ve made the decision, for the time being, to privatize this blog. (The posts all still exist, and if you have a really compelling reason for accessing something from the annals of the last five years, let me know.) The most likely situation moving forward is that I’ll either re-start the thing entirely with a new look, or I’ll create a new one on a new platform, as part of my ongoing project to be more “professional” as a writer.

But I want to say: one thing I fear most is becoming the kind of person who forgets his roots, who doesn’t properly honor the people who helped him get started on this journey, find his confidence, etc. As I write this, I’m submitting a manuscript to various places, I’m submitting poems for the first time in over two years, I’m editing one of the best journals that’s out on the market, and I’m becoming involved in the poetry community more than I would’ve thought possible when I started this blog. All of you who have read and commented and supported over the years bear some responsibility for that, and I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: Thank You.

It’s probable that I won’t be posting many drafts from now on, though maybe once in a while I’ll kick one around. When I have the time to get this thing going again (which might not be until final exams are over for this semester), I plan to resume my usual diarism, and some of the other bits that have been well-received over the years: occasional prompts, the offer of editing, signal boosts, etc. We’ll see how it goes.

It’s November, and the gingko fruit are all burst on the sidewalk, there’s drifts of dead oak along the curbs, and I can see my breath. It’s a good time for sitting in cafés where they blast Florence and the Machine, to get some space to sip my latte and think. The more I think about the trajectory of the past, the more excited I get for the promise of the future. At the midpoint, I’m here balanced on all of myself, looking forward and back at once and feeling pretty groovy. You all have been very patient (or at least not involved enough to get on my case) with this cocooning of mine, and I look forward to a very butterfly spring. (Coming in like a perhaps hand, as cummings said.) This is the calm before what I hope will be a beautiful and lively storm.

But if you can’t wait that long: find me on Facebook. Find me on Twitter. I’m around. Cheers!

~ JH

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