Empress of the French; No Justice

Just some quickies for the NaPoWriMo prompt today: we have a double dactyl and a clerihew on deck, two forms that I always have great ideas for in the shower, but never any other time. I’m dashing these off for several reasons: splitting headache, boy in town, early travel for meetings tomorrow, and still haven’t eaten dinner. Lots of distractions, and one wonders how I’m going to get anything done tomorrow… Note that I am constantly baffled that Kipling got the Nobel Prize in Literature. I find him insufferable. But look up Josephine Napoleon, she was way cool, and basically enabled the hybrid rose cultivar to be created.

Only one day left of NaPoWriMo. Gadzooks!

Empress of the French

Josie Napoleon
married a pastry but
couldn’t have heirs.

Made her affections more
birthed hybrid roses and
passed on eclairs.

No Justice

J. Rudyard Kipling
found white privilege crippling:
for his imperial sighs
they gave him the Nobel Prize.